Thursday, 12 January 2012

Palm trees/Scenery

Top - Matalan
leggings - H&M

Ignore me because I look like absolute crap in this picture, but isn't the scenery behind just to die for!

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chlo witty said...

i am in love with your hair! it looks amazing here!

chlo @chlowitty blogs
having a small giveaway too!

Emmanuella said...

nice top!!

Olivia E said...

What a cute simple outfit!

Gavina Dhillon said...

you look gorgeous not crap! I lovelovelove your hair :)

Lets Pur Our Hearts Together said...

Love your top, and that scenery is amazing :)

Chelsea x

Josie said...

Beautiful scenery! Love that top, Matalan can be so good sometimes xx