Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Collective Haul

Navy Shirt - H&M £7
Corduroy jeans - H&M £7
Patterned leggings - Penny's (Primark) €6
Black Converse High Tops

I got the shirt, trousers and shoes all in January! I actually got the shoes for Christmas  they were originally grey low ones, but I changed them because I wanted the black high tops! I seriously wear them all the time, I don't know why I never got them sooner! The shirt and jeans I got in the sale! The shirt is beautiful, the material is gorgeous and its longer at the back which I love! I still haven't worn it yet though ( not sure why). And at the end are the patterned leggings which I spoke about in my previous post! As you can tell most of these items are really dull and dark in colour, I honestly don't know what is up with me but my wardrobe is just filled with blacks, blues, and creamy whites! I really need to get some colour in it! 

Fearne Cotton eye-liner set - Boots £4
Britney spears Circus Perfume - Boots £11
Collection 2000 felt eye-liner - Boots £1.99?
Sunglasses - Tenerife €5
Earrings - H&M £3.99

Pretty much everything here was bought about a month or 2 ago. The perfume and eye-liners were bought in the sale, the perfume smells so good, but I really don't like the bottle! I personally think it looks really tacky. While in Tenerife my mum bought me some fake RayBans, but who cares I've wanted aviator style sunglasses for a while now and I really like these even despite the fact they say 'ReyBeri' instead of 'RayBan'. One day I will get the genuine ones, but for now they'll do!


Gavina Dhillon said...

I like those corduroy jeans, and for £7 what a bargain! Considering getting Converse myself, they seem so effortless and comfy! Love what you got :)

Olivia said...

I love those earrings. :)

musicandmollie said...

this collection of items is perfect - i adore the prnit on your leggings especially against the rich blue colour of your shirt :)

♥mollie from musicandmollie