Sunday, 11 March 2012

Hello Sunshine

top - Newlook
Trousers - H&M
Shiny Loafers - Newlook
Jacket - ?
Necklace - Ebay

I think I pretty much say this in every post, but it feels like I haven't posted in forever! I've been getting really bored of my clothes recently, every time I put something on it just looks awful so I don't bother taking a picture or anything. I feel like I don't have enough clothes or accessories to make a decent looking outfit! I am however selling some of my old clothes, which you can check out here (bidding is ending today so check it out quick!) so hopefully if I make enough money from that I can buy some more clothes! I did actually go shopping yesterday and managed to buy this top in new-look, it's got like a see through Aztec print at the back and it just so summery I love it! And I bought a black tube top, I also got some skin care stuff but that's kinda boring hehe.

Later on I'm going out with my family to Nando's to celebrate my success in exam results. I got 2a*, 4a's and a B in my psychology A level! I was so happy with them and so were my parents so they're giving me a little well done treat! I'm going to wear this outfit, but I might change the jacket to my blazer, not to sure yet! Anyway, I hope everyone has a great week, and I hope this awesome weather stays! It's been really warm for the past 2 days and it just so nice to finally see the sun again!


Olivia said...

How cuteee, I love the top :)

alice-lily said...

Love this outfit, really want that top now! x

Gavina Dhillon said...

Beautiful colour, I love how it's axtec-y at the back too. Congrats on your AMAZING results!

Risa† said...

OMG i want your cross necklace NOW!