Friday, 11 January 2013

Orange & Braids

Top - H&M  ,  Jeans - Newlook  ,  Jacket - Primark  ,  Shoes - Newlook  , Necklace  -  Oasap  ,  Scarf  -  ??

Hey Guys, so this is officially my first outfit post of the new year! I know it could be better, but I found it so difficult to take decent pictures so I've only got these two lonely ones up there, not that they've been edited particularly well either. My gosh things just don't seem to be going well. 

This is one of the many simple outfits I wear to Sixth form, its comfortable (which is a must in my book), warm (ish) and just practical! I absolutely adore the colour of this scarf, it really adds a pop of colour to outfits as you can see  , and its quite different to the tartan scarf which everybody seems to be wearing these days!

Also if you haven't already noticed, I've got my braids back in! It feels soo weird seeing as I haven't had them done for a looooong time, but I've missed having them in! It makes getting ready in the morning a lot quicker as there isn't any hair brushing and what not! 

Hope everybody is well? Good luck to anyone who is having exams!!


Olivia Noel said...

I love the flats :)

Emily Alicia Mei said...

you look amazing, i love how the scarf adds a pop of colour to the outfit x

Dakota said...

You look so cute!

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Gavina Dhillon said...

Your hair always looks beautiful what ever you do to it, so jealous! I love this scarf, looks great with the dark outfit.

M I N G said...

You make me want braids back!!!

Tomilola Escada said...

Love the scarf and the flats! Excited to get my braids in now! xx