Thursday, 11 July 2013


Topshop 'Arabel' Boots via Next2Nowt - £55

Meet my new babies.
Since cut-out boots have been taking over blogger and youtube I've been longing for a pair myself, I'd been eyeing the Topshop Arabel boots in particular as they just looked perfect. The heel was just the right size and shape, the cut outs were in the right place and they just looked all round sexy. But at the hefty price of £70 on the Topshop website I just couldn't bring myself to buying them.

But Next2Nowt saved me from spending more than I had to. I'd religiously been on the website waiting for a pair to pop up, and when I eventually saw a pair I jumped at the opportunity without really thinking and bought them! I think they have been worn before, but they still look brand new so I'm not complaining. 

I bought them in a UK size 7 (I know right big foot) but what I love about these is that they don't make my feet look excessively long, they actually make them look smaller than what they are which is always a plus! I do wish I bought them in a size 8 though, I tried breaking into them a bit today and I felt the wrath on my toes :(

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Diane said...

I need to have these shoes!! i see them everywhere

Maïmara said...

So, do you sell your shoes?? I take size 6-7. If they are too small, I would adore having a pair of these shoes. And on every websites and stores that I visited, they were in stock shortage.