Thursday, 20 October 2011


So I'm going down to Belgium for the weekend. I'm actually so excited. I just love the air there, it seems different to the English air I'm used to, plus i love the long walks i take with my family, and the shopping :) The only downside is that its going to be a lot colder there than it is here! And i don't have a winter coat yet. I despise my old one, i got it when i was in year 7, and its the ugliest thing. It doesn't fit at all, my mum bought it in a size 14 thinking that ill grow like a giant, but to this day its still bloody big. I've hunted on the web for ones which i like, and i think i might have found the perfect one! Its a bit pricey, but i think its better getting something i like which I'm going to use a lot longer, than getting something cheap which i don't like. I actually need to go into the store first to try it on though, because I'm very picky about the way coats look on me. They just never seem to look right, but that just may be because Ive never found the right one.
Getting back on track, hopefully it wont be too cold in Belgium. As you can see in the picture, Ive taken two jumpers (they are the cosiest things ever) in a hope that i wont freeze to death! I'm planning on taking my camera with me, so hopefully if i get some nice pictures, ill post them :)

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