Monday, 14 November 2011

Wants #1

1. New look cropped aztec jumper - £21.99
2. Chiara skater dress - £14.95
3. H&M leather look trousers - £14.99
4. Desert boots - ???
5. Newlook Shirt dress - £29.99
6. Office Black Converse Hi Tops - £39.99

Hey guys, so i don't usually do these type of posts, but i just decided to be a little a different and do it. Plus there are quite a few things on my wishlist, most of which aren't even in this post but hey ho what can you do? 
1. Ive been wanting a more fitted vintage style jumper for a while as i already have soo many over sized ones. Plus im really loving the buttoned up shirt with jumper look, and this type of jumper would look great!
2. This dress is absolutely gorgeous, and even though i don't wear dresses very often i think this would be the type which i could wear pretty much all the time! Plus it is a cheaper alternative to the topshop ones which are twenty odd pounds!
3. Ive actually wanted leather look trousers/leggings for a while, just because i like the look of them and its different to what Ive seen people wear in my city! Plus i love the way Ive seen beauty gurus on YouTube style them!
4. Right, so for a while now Ive been looking for the perfect boots for this winter, and i just cant make my mind up. I want pixie style boots, but i haven't seen the ones i like. At a point i wanted Chelsea boots but I'm not sure about them. But i really do like these desert boots! I don't know how much they do them for, or a good place to buy them but if they are a reasonable enough price i might get them!! I found a website where they sell them for £24.99 which is amazing, but i don't know whether they'll just be fakes (which is very likely!)
5. I really like this style dress, just because its flowy and black! Its a little pricey for my liking, especially because i don't wear dresses often. But I'm thinking it might be a good investment!
6. Now ive wanted a pair of converse for DONKEYS, but Ive never known what colour, or what style. Ive finally decided that i just want to get the classic black hi tops, just because they'll go with everything. Out of this wishlist, this is the things which i definitely HAVE to get. I'm either going to save up, or ask Santa for it ;)


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Plami said...

OMG I WANT the dress <3