Friday, 28 October 2011

Recent Buys - Elf Products

I was soo excited when my package came into the mail today!! I don't know about you, but I just love getting things in the mail. It makes me feel important hehe :) Two days ago i ordered some elf things on their on-line shop, me being a on-line shopping virgin, i wasn't sure of whether i should go ahead with the purchases or not. I've always thought that your package might never come, or someone could hack your card and what not. But im soo happy that i bought the stuff in the end. I'm really happy with the service too, because i only paid for standard delivery but it came a day after it was dispatched! This is what i bought, and im soo happy with my purchases, and the prices were really reasonable too!
Smoky Brown - £1.50
I've wanted a new nail polish for ever. And this is the nicest colour ever. I chose it because I've wanted a colour similar to this for quite a while, plus it will look great on my fingers during the autumn!! I'm pretty sure that this colour and Barry M mushroom are really similar, but either way i really like it, plus it's cheaper!!
Black Gel Eye-liner - £3.50
Right, so I've wanted to try out a gel eye-liner for such a long time because I've heard that they are so much better than liquid eye-liners. I LOVE doing winged eye-liner, its about the only thing I do when I can really be bothered with make-up!! This must be the cheapest gel eye-liner I've found, because other seems to be around the £7 mark, so im a happy bunny. I'm yet to try it out, but when I do ill tell you what I think of it! It also comes with a handy little brush which is really cute :)
Cheerful Cherry - £3.50
I've always wanted to get into lipsticks. I have one natural collection one in crimson red and that's about it. A couple of weeks back I tried my mum's lip pencil which is a berry colour and it looked so nice, so I thought I would try this lipstick to see if its any good! It will look great this Autumn too, if I have the confidence to wear it out!!


Anonymous said...

I love elf and your leopard nails are amazing! Following :) x


red lips

In the Mode said...

Love the nail polish!
I've been crushing on neutrals recently so I'm gonna have to check it out :)

Loving your blog btw!

E x

sjmwell said...

Love Elf product's, really want to try the cream eyeliners! x