Monday, 24 October 2011

Belgium no. 2

This is the second post concerning my trip to Belgium and the last, because I don't want to bore you (which i probably already am). The views in Belgium are actually so beautiful I wasn't able to take many pictures of them because at the time I was in the car, and the pictures came out quite shaky! But i do love the first two. The first is a bit blurry, but i still love it, the sunsets were sooooo gorgeous, I saw them each evening and they were just spectacular. I tried my hand at a little photography too involving my little sister! Quite like it if i say so myself!! The rest of the journey was filled with lots of views, food (don't even get me started on the amount of junk i ate), and lots of music :)


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Amy Jane said...

awww what a sweet comment ife :-)! Oh you went to Belgium? Cool, I love belgium and Ed Sheeran lol hihi! Kisses