Thursday, 30 August 2012

ChitChat | Changes, Update, OOTD

T-shirt - TKMax
Skirt - River Island
Spike Hair Band - Oasap
Red Lipstick - Barry M courtesy of  Gavina

Today I thought I'd go really casual with my outfit as I always do! You can maybe tell that I love this Skirt a lot seeing as my past OOTD incorporated this skirt, but the truth is that this is the first time in a while since I've picked it up and worn it. I've been a leggings and jeggings kind of girl this summer! Comfort is everything to me!! Oasap also kindly sent me this spiked hair band which originally looked like this, but I DIY'd it slightly to make it look like a regular spiked hair band and I now love it! Spikes have been really in trend for a couple of months now, with spikes on shoes, bags, levi shorts ect. I love spikes myself but i feel like the shops are literally putting spikes on all of their garments and its starting to look a little tacky! I like to subtly wear spikes not wear top to toe spikes, but each to their own.

As you can maybe (hopefully) tell, my blog has changed slightly again! My title has changed and I've tweaked other little things too. Not only has that changed, but I have a different idea for my blog. I don't see myself as the most fashionable trendy person you'll find. Don't get me wrong I love fashion and I would love to blog about it all the time, but quite frankly I'm not as good as other fashion bloggers. So from now on I wont only be posting OOTD's but other little bits and bobs too. I hope you guys don't mind too much!

I'm so sorry for being MIA for soo long! After going on holiday I just couldn't be bothered to blog and make videos for a while. I just had no inspiration or ideas and I just couldn't be bothered. I also FINALLY got a job which i've stared and i'm really happy with, I can finally afford to buy more clothes haha. That explains my long absence! Last Thursday I got my GCSE results which I was so happy with (4A*'s 6A's & 4B's) I wish I worked a little harder to get more A*'s but I'm so happy nonetheless! Sixth form starts next week which I'm excited but nervous about! I'm aiming for A's all round next year so I've got to work really hard! I'm going sixth form shopping this weekend which I'm so excited for, so expect a haul post (hopefully!).

That's all for now


Charlotte said...

wow amazing results! love your outfit too

- ordaining serendipity

NewKidOnTheBlog said...

Love your top! Congrats on getting a jon & such amazing results you clever girlie!! xoxo

Debbie said...

Amazing results, congrats! Noooooo, I love your outfits Ife - it's going to be so sad to see them go but I can't wait to se what other posts you have in store for us. Love the way you've tweaked the spike headband, looks so cool x

Mollie said...

Regarding your blog change idea, I had the same thought when I moved to a more 'scrapbook' feel, I can post about anything now. Congratulations on your results by the way! I've already been folder and stationery shopping (I love it a little too much). What are you going to study? xx

Miss Daja said...

Cute Girl Power Tee!!

Congratulations on your new job. =)

Sincerely Daja

Gavina Dhillon said...

I love the new look on the blog and the red lipstick looks gorgeous on you! I personally think you're fashionable and I get excited to see your outfit posts but I'm also excited to read other bits and bobs you'll be posting. Sixth form shopping wooo! Have fun!

HauteMangoGirl said...

the hair piece is really cool :) and amazing pix of your holiday!


Olivia Noel said...

I love the headband and your skirt. Pretty pretty :)

AVY said...

Loving your hair.


VOGUELE said...

Hi Girl!

you r stunning!
We can see some inspiration by Balenciaga new collection. Great !
we r following u right now!

girls from VOGUELE

Risa† said...

well done with your results and congrats with the job! xoxo

EM. said...

You look amazing, love that hair band. And congratulations on your results!xx

like a boy said...

this t-shirt is so great!

Inez said...

I love your hair and I love your super hero tee. You don't have to be like others to feel fabulous. Don't be discouraged. I just found you and would love to see more of your outfit posts.