Sunday, 8 September 2013


Beautiful sunset taken while driving down the highway // had an obsession with choc chip waffles //  made some best friends (aren't the croc heads cute!) // some flamingos I saw at Seaworld // chillin by the pool // had the nicest teriyaki chicken at the mall // visited universal studios which was amazing // taking pictures in the bathroom // the nicest bathroom I've ever seen 

Hey guys I'm back from holiday! It's been exactly a week now that I've been back from the states, and I miss it so so much. I snapped lots of pictures while I was out so i decided to share some with you so you guys can have a little glimpse into my holiday!

I stayed out in Orlando Florida for two weeks, the weather was beautiful apart from the occasional thunder/lightning storms that occurred for 5 minutes and then stopped. I shopped lots at malls and outlets, I went to water parks, theme parks and just generally soaked up the sun while I was there.

But now its back to school ... queue sarcastic cheer... back to reality, back to hard work. The holidays are just not long enough!



Remi Taiwo said...

Aww, glad you had fun! I need to get myself to Florida (USA , in general) ASAP! Looks like so much fun!
I'm a new follower! Absolutely love your blog and Youtube channel! :)

I'd love you to check out my blog as well!

Remi :) x

Debbie Fab said...

You and your sister are so gorgeous! Serious envy over here.. Looks like you had an awesome time in Orlando. The hotel you stayed at is soooo nice omgosh, I would'nt even want to leave! x