Monday, 11 November 2013


1// Motel Fiji Bodycon Dress  |  2// Ark Cream Mohair Jumper  |  3// Ebay 3D Rose Jumper  |  4// Ebay zip detail boots

As autumn/winter is upon us, I've decided to slowly start raking in the A/W clothes and shoes. I'm not one to go out for big shops with 5 bags in each hand filled to the brim with clothes and shoes because it makes me feel bad for spending all that money. But I'm the type to buy 1 or 2 items whenever I do go out (although I do go a little crazy online shopping)

1//  The dress I managed to snap up in the MotelRocks sale for just £10 (although now £20), and it fits like a glove, I absolutely love the pattern on it.

2//  I'm absolutely in love with the furry jumpers/cardigans that the shops are having recently, they are so soft and so lovely looking on. I found this cream one in ARK for about £26, and I'm still on the hunt for a black jumper & cardigan version to build up my collection like this and this.

3//  I absolutely adore this 3D rose jumper I found on eBay, it is slightly cropped which I love and it just looks amazing on. It took forever to get posted to me though, that's one of the downfalls of ordering things from a Chinese seller, but the jumper was definitely worth the wait.

4//  I've bought yet another pair of black boots (and definitely not the last) from eBay for £16.99. I have a very similar pair which has gold studs on the back, but I wanted something simpler and newer so I purchased these. I managed to get them in a size too big, but due to my laziness I cannot be bothered to exchange them hehe



Jessica Francis said...

I'm the same with shopping - I do lots of little trips where I buy one or two bits. I still get the same result of spending away 99% of my bank balance before the month is even half through. I thinkI have a problem..
Anyway, I love that dress - the pattern is beautiful!

Jennifer Noir said...

That floral jumper is lovely!!

Debbie Fab said...

IN LOVE with the 3D jumper, it's so beautiful! x