Wednesday, 6 November 2013



I have always loved basics with a passion, and this outfit is just an example of how I style my basics. I bought this beautiful box-shaped top from Forever21 as I thought it would the perfect item to dress up and dress down. I paired it with some standard blue jeans from ARK which I recently purchased in the sale for just £5 (crazy I know), and my cut out boots which quite frankly I don't wear near enough as much as I should.

This year I am really enjoying autumn, although it is getting colder and wetter, I'm really loving autumn fashion. Layering + jackets + boots = ♥

Plus who else has seen the new TLC movie CrazySexyCool ? I watched it the other day and it was such an amazing yet emotional film. To watch how they came together as a group and what happened during their lives was just so fascinating. It really brought me back in touch with the 90's as I just found that I remembered all the songs they sang throughout the movie! Its definitely a must watch!


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Remi Taiwo said...

Loving the outfit! The shoes really make it stand out! And your braids are so gorgeous! :) x

Cassandra Ikegbune said...

i just stmbled on your blog and i already love it. The pictures drew me in the most.
now following you

Millie said...

I love the outfit,so simple yet so stylish.Your hair looks amazing by the ways.Millie xx

Debbie Fab said...

Oh my gosh, Ife your hair is so lovely! I need this hairstyle ASAP! Love this outfit too, you look so sophisticated! x

(going on a commenting spree on your blog because I haven't seen all these amazing posts yet lol)